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INTRO PLEASE EDIT ONLY LIGHT BLUE CELLS (BOX) NOT OTHER CELLS THANKS! ENGR. LEANDRO B. PICZON II ([email protected]) Professional Regulation Commission Number 0088397 Gandara, Samar, Philippines ….............................................................................................. NOTE: Least Input Value is 0.001 Turn ON/OFF Earthquake Analysis by inputing ON or OFF When analyzing 3 storey building just put the total height of the building, the number of storeies and the and column and beam on the ground floor is computed, like wise the 2nd floor will be computed less the height of ground floor, number of stories shall be 1 and the lowest floor column and beam is computed and so on...P.S. wind height value should be the total height of the building Download as .xls file RELEASED 2.1 with Slab Design RELEASED 2.2 with Slab Design minor bugs RELEASED 2.3 with lumigwat bug REVERSED ANALYSIS RELEASED 2.4 with Earthquake Design on Slabs RELEASED 2.5 with Overhang Cantilever Beams RELEASED 2.6 Minor Bugs and New Features RELEASED 3.0 with Corner Designs RELEASED 3.1 Minor Fixes RELEASED 3.2 Minor Fixes RELEASED 4.0 Shear Reinforcement Fixed RELEASED 4.1 Earthquake Application Fixed RELEASED 4.2 Concrete Hollow Blocks Computed RELEASED 4.3 Loading Corrected RELEASED 5.0 Wind Load and Reinforcement Weight added RELEASED 5.1 Minor Fixes RELEASED 5.2 Minor Fixes Page 1

INTRO RELEASED 5.3 Minor Fixes RELEASED 6.0 Planted Column Introduced RELEASED 6.1 Minor Additional Features RELEASED 6.2 Major Fixes RELEASED 6.3 Minor Fixes RELEASED 6.4 Additional Features RELEASED 6.5 Major Fixes RELEASED 6.6 Additional Features RELEASED 6.7 Minor Fixes RELEASED 6.8 Minor Fixes RELEASED 6.9 Additional Features RELEASED 7.0 Minor Fixes RELEASED 7.1 Additional Features RELEASED 7.2 Minor Fixes RELEASED 7.3 Minor Fixes RELEASED 7.4 Stairs Design Added RELEASED 7.5 Slenderness Effect Added RELEASED 7.6 Minor Fixes RELEASED 7.7 Minor Fixes RELEASED 7.8 Additional Features RELEASED 7.9 Additional Features RELEASED 8.0 Additional Features RELEASED 9.0 Major Fixes RELEASED 9.2 Minor Fixes RELEASED 9.3 Live Load Reduction Added

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Dedication Public License (DPL)

By downloading the spreadsheet, you confirm your agreement in this license.

I. Freeware First of all, the reasons why My Structural Analysis is free: I.a. Dedication My Structural Analysis is dedicated to the most wonderful people on earth :) Annabelle, Papa Leandro I and Mama Isabel (Deceased) My Structural Analysis is dedicated to the most wonderful place on earth :) Gandara, Samar, Philippines 6706 I.b. Binary What do you get if you buy software? Lots of ones and zeros, nothing more. If they were distributed as art, I could understand paying it. But if the main goal of their order is to earn money - by fees or ads - I don't like it! I.c. Conclusion This means that I grant you the license to use My Structural Analysis as much as you like. But if you like it, I ask two things of you: say a prayer for me (and the most wonderful girl and parents you're at it ;) ) to your god - or whatever you believe - and wish us some luck.

II. Limitations II.a. Reverse Engineering Reverse Engineering is not allowed as with nearly any software. If anyone has doubts in the honesty of the code, I will give insight to a trusted organization like a university under certain limitations (for example only one copy, for a limited time, and that has to be removed after the evaluation time has ended). II.b. Warranty I tried my very best to make the code of My Structural Analysis as stable as possible, and I give you the warranty that I placed no code to cause intentional harm to your system. However, adventuring sometimes involves cutting deep into the system sometimes, and I cannot guarantee that your system will be running the same as before. For example, tensional stress hosts may stop working.

I can also give you no warranty that My Structural Analysis will calculate any structural forms, or that it will give you no false positives. For your own verification the location of the problem is shown with every entry, and if you have any questions remaining you can visit the support forum for more information. II.c. Liability Under no circumstances can you make me liable for any damage, however caused, including, but not limited to damage you might do to your system using

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INTRO My Structural analysis. II.d. Use of application in whole Free use is limited to the application in whole. Usage of parts only, for example the database or the plug-ins, is not permitted. II.e. Corporate use As companies are not individual persons and would have problems fullfilling the above terms, there is a license for corporate users that can be found at safer-networking.ie.

III. Distribution Here are some basic rules about distributing My Structural Analysis. III.a. Private distribution You may give away single copies of the software as long as you don't modify this license or other files of the archive. III.b. Mirroring If you want to mirror “My Structural Analysis”, feel free to do so as long as you don't modify the original archive. If you want to be kept up to date about major updates, you can subscribe to the mailing list. III.c. Publishing You may publish My Structural Analysis in a book or magazine (or other media) by simply sending a written request for permission, including a description of your specific needs. I request a copy of the media in which My Structural Analysis is published as compensation.

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Proof GIVEN fc' fy As' As d d' h b

21 Mpa 275 Mpa 1500 mm2 3500 mm2 425 mm 75 mm 500 mm 300 mm

bars in compression bars in tension

SOLUTION determine if compression bars yielded assuming Es>es As=As2 As2 1500 mm2 As1 3500-1500 mm2 C= As1fy = 0.85fc'ab As1fy a = (As1*(fy))/(0.85*fc'*b) a = 102.71mm Es = ((c-d')/c)*0.003 Es = 0.0011 since Es
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